7 › 10 juni 2019 4 dagen feest in de Kortrijkse binnenstad

Rave Cave - RAW productions

Doorniksewijk - 8500 Kortrijk

From disco to disco, Venue across venue, Everybody is trying to get down..

We’ve been doing this RAW thing for more than five years now. We still get goosebumps each time we do an event. We don't define ourselves as a concept in one specific genre. Our only standard is good music. Like our motto says: only quality, no bullshit. From disco to house, from retro to techno! RAW is what we stand for.

For this event we've been shopping in Berlin... RAW invites Movement Collective !
DJ's: Carlos Zárate, Madame Edwaar, support by Lomme and Gilles

Let us get deep in that underground thing, It’s spiritual thing, A body thing, A soul thing, Not everyone understands house music!

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